Irish National Au Pair Association
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The Irish National Au Pair Association (INAPA) is an affiliate of the International Au Pair Association (IAPA). This website includes a list of INAPA members and the standards expected from members of INAPA. INAPA is a lobby organisation. We lobby on behalf of families and Au Pairs for the regulation of the Au Pair industry in Ireland.​ Our Department of Justice recognises the programme, and in February 2013, our Justice Department stated that:
"An Au Pair arrangement is regarded as a private, voluntary matter between the parties concerned on the basis of a shared understanding. Therefore, such persons are not regarded as employees but are received by a family and treated as a family member in exchange foe certain services, such as limited amounts of housework or babysitting. This activity is regarded as primarily cultural rather than economic.​"

INAPA members welcome the Government's acknowledgement of the programme​​ and are calling on the Government to meet with INAPA Members who are the main stakeholders in the Au Pair Industry. Our members want to educate policy makers on the advantages of having a structured Au Pair Placement Programme in Ireland. Au Pair programmes are recognised in many countries across Europe and indeed across the Globe. INAPA supports European integration and Freedom of Movement for our Au Pairs to improve their language skills while gaining experience through cultural exchange.